What Makes Our CRM System Different?

We take a holistic approach to CRM, serving employee groups across the entire sales organization - from financial advisors to top managers.

Truly Adaptable

We can tailor eluzzion CRM to fully support your company’s business model (from simple to highly sophisticated models) and can further customise it at any time to meet your evolving needs. You will have security, flexibility and the ability to respond to market pressures.

Completely Flexible

eluzzion CRM can support multiple brands and sales structures within a single company. Unique, highly-configurable workflows make sure the system is fully responsive to the needs of each user - from financial advisors to top management.

Fully Integratable

eluzzion CRM’s modular design supports interfacing capabilities with other systems already used by customer, from back office ERP systems to financial / accounting and HR systems. If we don’t already have the interface you need, we’ll build it for free.

Choose Your Own Device

eluzzion CRM uses a combination of online / offline technologies and support a wide range of hardware devices - from tablets and smartphones to notebooks and desktop PCs - so that users can choose the devices best suited to their work.

Benefits for Companies & Top Management

eluzzion CRM brings a competitive advantage and competitive edge by communicating business strategies across your organization. Built to support an extensive marketing database, eluzzion CRM improves targeting of key customers and customer groups. It makes business management more effective at organising sales teams and improves customer service delivery - as well as results. Let eluzzion CRM help your company optimize your sales, marketing and IT investments, and enjoy the benefits of a truly flexible, industry-specific CRM solution that gives you complete security and control of your information.

Benefits For Financial Advisors

Financial advisors, like most people, love working with attractive, modern technologies. Thanks to its elegant interface and user-friendly design, eluzzion CRM is incredibly easy to learn and can even help accelerate the market readiness of new hires. eluzzion CRM helps financial advisors with almost every aspect of their work, from planning meetings and formulating pitches to reporting expenses and results. Having a system that makes their work more efficient and more effective increases their success rates. Which means more meetings, more contracts, and better service for customers - not to mention a more trustworthy, professional image for your consultants.

Benefits for Sales Managers

eluzzion CRM simplifies the complicated demands of sales management into an easily run process, giving sales managers more time to focus on recruiting and training new consultants. The system designed to help new recruits get on the job quickly, accelerating their training by guiding them through their work. Structured workflows and guided processes virtually eliminate reporting errors and missteps, while built-in marketing tools allow you to do away with paper-based sales aids. Your consultants will love eluzzion CRM, and you will love the boost in their performance, which you can track in near real time through easily accessible dashboards, online reports, and your KPI scoreboard - ensuring that customers are satisfied as well.

A Smart CRM App for Smarter Businesses


Robust Database Search
Unified Customer View 
Target Groups
Profiling & Segmentation


Calendar & Plans
Unlimited Activity Types
Flexible Call Reports
Unified Workflows

Closed Loop Marketing

CLM App Store
Presentation Publisher
Creative Studio
CLM Reports & Analytics

Dashboards & Analytics

KPI Dashboards
In-App Reports
Standard Reports
Special Reports

Transfer Orders

Structured Workflows
Flexible Order Templates
Unified End-to-End Services 
Back Office Integration


Inventory Management
Stock Assignment
Compliant Workflows
Call Report Integration

Expense Diary

Customizable Expense Types
Reporting Expenses
Reporting Cash Allowances
Expense Periods & Approvals

Update Requests

Adding New Customers
Modifying Customer Details
Request Processing Engine

My Work

Priority Lists
Offline Workflows / Work Mode

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