Petr Valach

Senior Developer

Petr Valach graduated from SPŠ Chomutov in 1991. He codes in C, C++, C#, Basic, Java, and JavaScript. His core specialities include project management, different agile and non-agile methodologies, risk management, software architecture, and UX design. At Data3s, Petr's work focuses mainly on eluzzion CRM's Windows Client applications, Clinical Studies, and Web Reports. His side projects focus mainly on mobility solutions, including position tracking, GPS, and UX design for Windows Phone and other mobile OS. "I am mostly interested in mobile stuff," he says, "nice UX, personal assistants, life tracking, GPS and more. I also love art, music travelling and history."


Telefon: +420 241 771 214

Kancelář: Antala Staška 511/40,
Praha 4, Czech Republic