Fresh from the creative minds at Data3s comes the smartest, most intuitive, and easiest to use CRM app on the planet. Designed for iPad and fully integratable with other systems, eluzzion Mobile is the richest, most intuitive and user-friendly mobile CRM produced so far. Supporting pharma companies large and small, eluzzion Mobile incorporates fluid design into an information rich interface that is at once intuitive and robust. 

Complete with modules for planning activities, reporting calls, managing samples, tracking expenses, and making orders, eluzzion Mobile puts of the tools sales professionals need into one, complete, and seamlessly integrated package. From the moment they step out of the door, to the moment they close their day, eluzzion Mobile supports them every step of the way. 

eluzzion Mobile also gives sales professionals more real-world support and flexibility than ever before. Strategically placed shortcuts allow quick access to information and actions, ensuring that the next step is never more than a click away. As an intuitive, workflow-oriented CRM app, eluzzion mobile provides a richly-layered user interface with unique next-gen features such as: 

Fully integrated closed loop marketing

eluzzion Mobile’s CLM module integrates feature-rich multi-media HTML5 presentations directly into your CRM system, allowing you to capture feedback from customer interactions that you can use across your organization. Upon request, presentations can even be integrated with other modules, allow reps to report sample drops and create customer orders directly inside of an interactive presentation. Don’t just give your sales reps and marketing managers detailed insight into the needs, preferences, interests and desires of each of your customers — give them the ability to capture it. 

Easy to use expense reporting

Sleek and attractive, eluzzion Mobile’s Expense Diary better makes it easier than ever for reps to report their expenses on the go. It takes about 15 seconds, on average, to fill out an expense report in eluzzion Mobile, pretty much guaranteeing they’ll never want to use excel to record their expenses again. Best of all, once an expense is entered, it never needs to be entered again — only approved. Supporting end-to-end workflows, eluzzion Mobile funnels expense reports directly to managers and back office financial people for control and final approval. 

Customers orders on the spot

eluzzion Mobile’s Orders module empowers your reps with greater autonomy and independence when negotiating with customers by putting pre-approvals and incentive limits right at their fingertips. eluzzion Mobile’s Order templates can calculate discounts, rebates, free pieces and other incentives on the spot, allowing sales reps to quickly and efficiently communicate their best offer. Templates can be set up to support a virtually unlimited range of commercial conditions, factoring in not just the value and volume of the order but also type of relationship you have with the customer. 

Gorgeous dashboards with insightful analytics

eluzzion Mobile's dashboard analytics encourages sales reps to stay on top of their game by putting vital feedback right at their fingertips. With a single click, beautiful, accessible analytics come to life in their hands. Dynamic charts, tables and graphs elements encourage users to explore and understand their results, even letting them drill down into the details for more insight. In addition to the main dashboard, which reflects the KPIs you want your sales reps to work with, each module comes with its own analytics dashboard, which starts building reports the minute the app is used.


No matter how large or complex your sales force is; no matter how large your territory is and no matter how scattered your reps are, eluzzion Mobile is the most adaptable and reliable CRM app you’ll ever use. With over a decade of experience building life sciences technologies behind it, Data3s have produced a CRM app that’s so flexible, so robust, and so reliable, it’s not just industry-specific, it’s also industry-smart. 

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