The Top 5 Android Phones for Business

Over the past few years, Google's Android operating system has seen massive growth in the consumer arena. More than a few high-end Android smartphones promise to give the iPhone a run for its money: the HTC One M8Samsung Galaxy S5 Sony Xperia Z2 and the LG G3 all lead the pack as their companies' latest flagship models. However, there are many cheaper, smaller and even bigger alternatives worth considering as well.

What makes Android different from Apple is the sheer number of Android phones to choose from. Android is an open platform, so any smartphone maker can build their own version of Android that runs on their own hardware. That makes for a lot of competition - and not just for Apple, but for every other Android phone maker as well. With so many sizes, processors, software features and hardware designs to choose from, how do you know which phone will be the best choice for your company

This is a question we've been hearing a lot lately, especially from price-conscious customers who want modern smartphones that signal prestige and reliability but don't want the iPhone's price tag. Fortunately, there's some great value to be had at the lower end of the price range in the Android marketplace. As one of our customers asked us recently, "All things being equal - which phone offers the best value for money?"

Since design tends to be really important to end users, we've eliminated ugly / blatantly unappealing phones from our list - as well as any phones unable to pass the basic IQ test of a "smart" phone. And since IT and procurement managers are also responsible for controlling costs, we've eliminated phones with a price point comparable with Apple's. 

With this in mind, here are the top five Android phones (based on roughly equivalent specs), ranked from cheapest to most expensive. All of these Android phones are devices that we consider to be good and reliable, and which we think will work well for any company.


  1. Motorola Moto G (or Moto E) (very, very cheap , HD screen, pure stock Android ROM)
  2. HTC One Mini (relatively cheap, powerful, premium design, compact, great sound)
  3. Samsung Galaxy S4 (cheap - special carrier discounts applied, powerful, great screen, great camera)
  4. Nexus 5 (light, powerful, awesome big screen, good price , pure stock)
  5. LG G2 (big screen, powerful, relatively light) running on an Android ROM (gets the latest updates directly from Google)


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