CEO & Founder

Antonín Lukeš


Antonín Lukeš is the CEO & founder of Data3s. After receiving a degree in Engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague in 1993, Antonín joined Léčiva (now Zentiva a.s.) as a distribution manager. He soon became its chief of data market support and data management, and in 1998 he was named Lečiva’s Manager of the Year.  Two years later he was appointed chief of Zentiva’s CRM department from 2000, where he was responsible for several major implementation from 2000 to 2006. 

After founding Data3s in 2006, he recruited the top IT talent to analyze, design and implement a CRM system built from the ground up using the best practices and expertise in information technology. Today that CRM system has evolved into one of the top enterprise CRM solutions for Life Science companies in Europe, supporting leading global life science companies to sell more, faster, and with better efficiency in every market in which they operate. Over the past eight years, Data3s has enjoyed consistent growth,  expanding our capabilities in creative, IT and clinical - 

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Call: +420 241 771 214
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Office: Antala Staska 511/40,
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