Our elearning software is secure, easy to use, and makes training available around the clock.

How It Works

eLearning is an online training & testing application that gives users immediate access to courses, training materials, tests and results. eLearning's data is securely stored and safely backed up in our data center, providing round-the-clock access to the tools they need to advance their professional education. 

Why eluzzion eLearning?

Designed with the insight of top corporate trainers, eLearning offers exceptional opportunities for the professional growth of your sales team.

Truly Flexible

eLearning lets users access all of their study materials and tests from any browser so that they can study and advance at their own pace. 

What It Does

elearning supports employee education throughout their employment at your company. Practice tests and live exams can be automatically scored according to weighted values, giving users instant feedback on their progress, and giving managers real-time insight into employee progress via detailed statistical reports. 

Super Robust

Help your employees get up to speed on any new products, strategies, sales techniques and company rules without ever stepping into a classroom.

Why It Works

eLearning makes training & educational activities simple, fast, and flexible. Guided workflows make setting up new courses a snap, while the built-in content library allows important resources to be saved an reused. When integrated into eluzzion CRM, results are correllated to improve training & discover new drivers of success.

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