Quickly Create and Access Planned Activities

Streamlined Workflows for Fast, Easy Reporting of Every Visit

Because Inception CRM allows you to create any kind of questionnaire as you need - and as many as you need - your sales people will always be ready to report the different types interactions they have with customers. Inception CRM’s streamlined workflows also allow reps to report visits, record sample drops, complete customer orders, and present the latest marketing to customers within one single interactive session. That’s real flexibility, made easy.

Deceptively Simple Call Reporting

Reporting visits and other activities in Inception CRM is unbelievably easy. First of all, Inception CRM’s smart, responsive questionnaires recognize only ask relevant questions (they do this by recognising the answers already provided by reps). This allows call reports to be complex without being complicated, making it easy for sales teams to report all the information their colleagues need from the field.



Plan & Report Every Activity Exactly As You Need It.

Planner lets you schedule pretty much any kind of activity you might need to do - and set up the workflow you want to follow for each one. Supporting an unlimited number of activity types and easily configurable workflows, Inception CRM streamlines pre-call planning and post-call reporting. Split screen multi-tasking lets users search their calendars and explore customer details at the same time, while responsive questionnaires guide reps through call reports so that complete reporting easy, quick and hassle free.


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