Create Customer Orders On The Go

Empower Your Sales Reps

Transfer Order templates can be set up to automatically include recommended discounts according to the selected customer and/or distributor. It does this by factoring in various commercial relationships (including negotiated settlements) as part of its conditions. If the rules allow it, the user can increase the discount amount up to the pre-defined maximum limit. The benefit of this is that representatives can function with a higher degree of autonomy and independence while maintaining compliance with company policy.


Flexible Order Templates

Inception CRM’s Transfer Order templates allow companies to set specific commercial conditions for groups of products and specific customers, and define the specific workflow (including approval stages) for each order. Templates can be designed to factor in any number of variables as conditions, such as the volume and combination of products selected, the customer receiving the order (e.g., where pre-negotiated chain discounts may apply), and any other variable relevant to the offer. Using a template, representatives can negotiate discounts, rebates and other incentives within a pre-approved range of conditions.

An End-To-End Ordering System Right On Your iPad

Transfer Orders is a complete ordering system for iPad. No more need for paper forms. Transfer Orders uses templates that have pre-defined commercial conditions built right in, giving reps the freedom to negotiate deals and incentivize sales without fear of breaking any rules. Not having to call HQ for approval means deals can be made quickly right at the point of sale, guaranteeing your business gets done before the competition even arrives.

From Warehouse To Point Of Sale With A Single Click

Whether ordering from wholesalers or distributors or from your own company’s warehouse, Transfer Orders makes ordering goods incredibly easy. With a single click, Inception CRM submits orders over the internet*, confirming receipt, goods availability, and even estimating when the goods will be delivered**. Sales reps can even select multiple distributors, splitting orders up in case one of them doesn’t have enough of a particular good in stock.

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